I'm short can I still join a flight school

Dear Adam
I am Aarthi Sakthi. I have a great interest towards piloting but I’m only 4ft 8inches. I have planned to join a flight school for this Spring 2018. I’m much worried do my height matters. So I would like to know can I still join a flight school? Will I get hired in an airline? Kindly waiting for your response. Thank you!


If you’re planning on flying in the US then you’ll be fine, but you may
need to buy a cushion to help you reach the controls. Here’s an example

If you’re not planning on flying in the US then you will be subject to that
country’s regulations, which we are not familiar with.


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Hi Aarthi, I have the same problem as you, I am only 160cm tall and I had no problems with flying gliders and many types of motorplanes so far. I also sat in many cockpits of different aircrafts and the seats there are in many cases more adjustable as they are in some small planes like C172 etc. I have a custom made seat now, but before that I used different types of pillows (honestly I dont even blame people for laughing at me when I came to an airport with my bag full of pillows. It was funny).

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Thank you Maja. You have really gave a great confidence :blush: Once again Thank you!!!:blush: