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Important Questions

-Application Deadline ’ to apply for class starts on August 28’ ?
-After completing the full program 'International Airline Career Pilot Program" , i will be able to work as a professional pilot with any of the airlines worldwide ? and do you offer me a job in any airline in the USA or anywhere else ??
-Any specific steps to get the M-1 visa ? any restrictions ?

  • i have never passed any English proficiency test ; is it required to get into the program ? or you have your own English test to take ?
    Thanks in Advance !


Honestly I’m not that familiar with the International Program but I’ll try and answer a few of your questions.

  1. Not sure when or even if there is an application deadline and I don’t see that info on the website. I recommend you contact ATP directly for more information.

  2. While you would be able to work as a Professional Pilot (meaning fly and get paid) all airlines have minimum flight time requirements and I doubt the hours you graduate with would be enough for any airline anywhere. That is why most pilots instruct or find other entry level positions as a means to getting to an airline. ATP is a flight school and while they have partnerships with many US Regional airlines they don’t offer anyone any airline jobs. Please know that to work as a pilot in the US (even as a flight instructor) you must be a citizen or have resident status).

  3. I have no information on Visas and recommend you contact the US Embassy or Dept of Immigration.

  4. You must be English Proficient to fly for ANY airline in the world. Most flight schools and airlines will allow you to self-attest without an exam HOWEVER if during any phase of your training an examiner has any concerns you will have to take an exam.

Again I strongly recommend you contact ATP directly for more information.


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Typically students apply for financing and for the school a few months prior to starting the program. Of course this is up to the Admissions Department.

After completing the program you will have a FAA commercial pilot’s license. You will need to check with individual airlines that you would like to work for. Unless you are a US citizen or US permanent legal resident you will not be able to work in the US as a flight instructor or an airline pilot.

You will need to call the Admissions Department to ask specific questions about obtaining student Visas.

I do not believe that you will have to take an English proficiency test per se, but you will need to be proficient to pass the FAA checkrides.


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