Incredibly Inspirational Story

I just recently learned the incredibly story of Bessie Coleman. The short version is that in the early 1900’s Bessie Coleman, an African-American woman, bucked every societal barrier that was in her way to become an aviation legend. The longer version is much more complex and is well worth the time to read it.

We all encounter barriers to our dreams, but Bessie Coleman took her’s head on and beat them all. Remember that when it seems like something is in your way.


Really puts things into perspective, We take for granted, some of us, how lucky and blessed we are,
Its important to take a second each day to reflect, and be grateful. Thanks for sharing.

I heard of Ms. Bessie Coleman. Kinda makes you ask yourself “why am I letting this get in the way of my dreams.” Definitely a good read.


Funny, but I have known the name Bessie Coleman for years as rental cars at ORD are returned on Bessie Coleman Drive, but I didn’t know her story until just recently.

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