Instructing at ATP - Different Locations

This is really a question for Eric and Chris in regards to their instructing locations while at ATP. I noticed, while reading your bio’s, that both of you instructed at more than one location, actually you both taught at 3 different locations. I have a few questions about that:

  1. Is it standard practice to instruct at more than one ATP location or was that a personal choice?
  2. (This one may be more for Chris since his 3 locations were a good distance apart) If teaching at more than 1 location, how is that handled by ATP?? Do they cover transportation costs and housing??

Thanks and please feel free to add any other information that I may have forgotten to ask on the subject!!

Charles G.


Eric is no longer with the forum, so you will have to make do with just my perspective :slight_smile:

  1. Standard practice is to keep an instructor at a location for the duration of their time with the company, unless the instructor requests a move. I asked to be relocated both times as I was trying to get closer to my home of Norfolk, Virginia, which I did.

  2. I only taught at one location at a time and as I requested the moves the transportation costs and housing were at my expense. If for some reason an instructor is sent to another location to cover for somebody on a temporary basis then the company would cover those costs.


Thanks Chris. I appreciate that and it makes total sense but thought I would double check after I read your bio!


Anytime. Let me know how else I can be of help.