Instructing location

Hello all,

I heard from an instructor today that the Denver location is only available to those who trained there, does anyone know if that is true?

Hey Kris, I am starting at the Denver location on Monday and was there for a tour about a month ago but never heard that you had to train there to instruct there. I’ll try to remember to ask next week, but I can’t imagine that would be fact.

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Yeah let me know what you find out, I was told it was due to the high density altitude, and they wanted people familiar with it already, does seem strange, as a pilot you need to be familiar with all types of flying, enjoy and good luck, the Denver area is sooooo beautiful for sure.


I spoke with a contact at ATP today about this very issue. There is no restriction on what CFIs can work at Denver (or any other airport). The company places instructors based on need at the time.

Thank you Chris,

I don’t mean to get ahead of myself, I just heard this from a CFI and was curious as Denver was a place Ive always considered moving to. I appreciate you looking into it. Thanks again.


Anytime, my friend. That is what we are here for.


I think the policy is to try to send CFIs back to their training location if it is available. That might be where the confusion is. What I mean is that if there are 2 slots, one in DEN and one in PHX, and there are 2 new CFIs that need to be assigned, one from DEN and one from PHX…you get what I mean.


Hello Yarden,

Yeah I think so, So ATP would most likely give preference to the CFI who trained at said location and prefer to send them there. But if both DEN and PHX were both available, you would still have a choice of them?



Of course your choice would be considered, but in the end it is dependent on company need.