Instructors who never leave ATP?

Are there any instructors that just stay around and instruct?

I know the premise of ATP but does anyone just stay there and not move on?


In order for a CFI to train and sign off intial CFIs they most have at least 2yrs as a CFI, so yes there are instructors who stay longer than the average. I’m not sure however if the are any “lifers”?


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There are several instructors at the PHX location who have stayed. One of which has been there longer than any of the admin - I’d say close to a decade now. I can’t speak for other locations.

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It might be worth mentioning that the long term individual at the PHX location has progressed well beyond being a regular CFI and has moved into the management ranks.

Theres a couple I have met. A notable one was the LZU CFI School Ground Instructor who went to ATP but has never had a want to go to the airlines, she went to ATP for the financing ability. She taught in NY, Tennessee for other schools and then came back to ATP CFI school after she had 2 yrs.

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