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Insurance plans

My question is this, how’s the insurance for you and your family, is your copay and coverage excellent or just basic. I’m under my wife’s insurance and it’s through the local culinary health fund and it’s excellent for what it’s worth. I was thinking that a pilots insurance has got to be above average and pretty top notch especially for what you do. If you could elaborate a bit on the policy that would be kind, thanks and have a wonderful evening.


Every airline has different plans which they offer to their employees ranging from pretty basic to excellent. The cost obviously goes along with the quality. There is no real elaborate answer as it will depend on the airline you fly for and the plan you chose.



I would say that the coverage at United is excellent. The copays are small and I have never really run into an issue of something not being covered.


That’s excellent to hear as I figured the coverage had to be somewhat great. Thanks for your time to answer my question. And I’ve got excellent news, I’ve found a cosigner and just awaiting the signature for the loan. Once all is done I plan on a start date for Sept. I am so excited for this next step in my life snd career, thanks for this forum and all the pertinent information that you give to all of us interested in this amazing field.

Happy to help, let us know how else we can be of assistance.


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I most certainly will sir.