Internships or Extra Curricular Activities


I understand there is no real reason to work during training. After training usually pilot flight instruct to gain hours needed to get the ATP.

Are there any forms of Internships or programs like that that can help make your resume more marketable?

Follow up to that question. Other that valuable turbo or turbine time what are other things you can show on your resume or logbook to make your self more marketable to airlines?


First I want to clarify something. Its not that there is no good reason to work while training, it’s actually a REALLY bad idea! Flight training is challenging and to be successful you need to focus on it and not much else (at least if you’re looking at an accelerated program like ATPs).

As for things to enhance your resume of course there are. Thing is the single most important factor is that airlines hire skilled, well trained pilots. You could have the greatest resume in history, if you can’t fly, do poorly in training or bust checkrides it doesn’t matter. You need to learn to fly. Do well and then you can worry about your resume.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the clarification and the focus points. Its easy to get excited and put the wagon before the horse in a venture like this.



The best thing you can do right now is focus on one checkride at a time. Going 7/7 with pass rates is a big task but doable if you do your best with the one ride thats ahead of you. Once you graduate the program, then you can start building time and thinking about the next step.

Leadership positions is a great place to start. Once you get a few hundred hours of dual given under your belt, explore other roles like a TAA position, lead instructor or chief pilot (if you go to another local school to instruct). You can also get involved on weekends with aviation groups in your local chapters.


Hi Hanna,

Thanks for the info!