Interview Questions / Background check

I had some questions regarding the interview and background check to be a pilot.

I have some military experience but I would like to not have that on my application. Am I required to disclose it?

There was an incident 15 years ago where I was questioned by police but not charged or anything. Am I required to disclose that as well?



They will ask of you’ve ever served and if you were honorably discharged or otherwise. If you were something other than honorably you will need to disclose and will be asked why. Know that all pilots receive federal background checks and if there are any blemishes they will come out sooner or later.

Being questioned by the police is not a thing unless you were arrested or charged.


Hi Adam,

Thank you for the reply. I received an Other-Than-Honerable (OTH) discharge because it occurred during Basic Training but it was for Administrative reasons and not disciplinary reasons.

As for the police incident, that is what I thought until I had an interview to be a police officer a couple years ago and they brought it up.


Yes, you will absolutely need to disclose your military experience, to include your OTH and the reason for such. Do know that many pilots are from military backgrounds, I would expect to have to answer some questions about the OTH.

I would not worry about being questioned by the police, I do not see how that could ever come up.


Thank you, Chris.

I was incorrect on my type of discharge, it was actually an Uncharacterized discharge and not OTH but i will keep that in mind.

Thank you again,


The question will be “did you receive an Honorable Discharge?”. You either did or you didn’t.