Intro Flight Tomorrow

Finally arrived in AZ after the long road trip from OH. Getting ready to move over into the student apartments, just getting some last second errands done. Temps out here are just ridiculous, 120 forecast around the time of my intro flight tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how the aircraft performs :slight_smile: Any former students/instructors been out in AZ flying this time of year? Looking forward to getting started. They say ATP is like drinking out of a fire hydrant, and I can’t wait!

Congrats Jonah! Let us know how it goes?

Btw, it’s fire hose not hydrant :slight_smile:


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Lol, my bad. In theory you could drink from a hydrant though, right? :wink: This time of year it wouldn’t be so bad.

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I flew last Friday from KIWA, it was pretty toasty. I’d recommend drinking water like crazy, bring some with you on the flight, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Hey if you make it to 6 or 7k feet it will only be about 80 degrees! Lol. Good luck and welcome to the valley of the sun. As far as aircraft performance goes, it’ll be a slow climb for sure. Thankfully we have 10K ft long runways here. Enjoy!

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Best advise that I can give is to have your instructor schedule you for as early as possible. You will see me at KIWA every morning at 5am. 100 degrees by 9am is just rediculous to fly in. However, we do have one Cessna that has air conditioning lol.