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My name is Harinder, I’m 33 with a bachelors degree from 2005. I’m looking to pursue a career as pilot. I do not have previous experience within the aviation field. I received a dui in 2003 and received a deferred judgement initially but violated the probation with a disorderly conduct(which was later dismissed) - my dui ended up going on my record. Might not even be able to get expunged. But this was well over 10 years ago. I also have been in one accident, which was careless driving (2010). I have been in a domestic violence case which end up in a divorce (2013). I have received few traffic violations two speeding tickets and a parking ticket(2015)… Whew!

My goal…is to become a commercial pilot and fly globally and pilot a 380/777/787/747 type of aircraft as a captain or first officer…

So, my questions are the following…

  1. How will my record above will end up affecting my goal?
  2. Is it realistic for me expect this goal?
  3. How many yrs will it take for me to reach this goal if I train faithfully with full commitment?

Thank you in advance,



First off if you’re serious about pursuing a career in aviation I would contact an aviation attorney and/or speak to an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). While I’m no expert I do see some SERIOUS obstacles in you getting anywhere near your goal. First off before you can take you can even solo in a Cessna you need to obtain an FAA Medical. On the application it asks about your criminal record (if any) and I found the following:
**The Examiner must defer certification for any of the following: **
**Total of 3 arrest(s), conviction(s), and/or administrative action(s) within a lifetime **
**Total of 2 arrest(s), conviction(s), and/or administrative action(s) within the preceding 10 years **
Assuming I’m wrong and you can get a medical the first thing the airlines will do is a background check. If the TSA decides they’re not comfortable with you in the cockpit they too can reject your application. Finally at most airports you’re required to get a security clearance badge. Again a full background check and again if denied you’ve got a problem.

Again I can’t stress enough I’m not an expert but I have to tell you from my experience it doesn’t sound good.


Thank you much Adam. I really appreciate your honesty and advice.