Introductory Flight?

Hi, I’ve recently just finished obtaining my AS at a community college for Architectural Drafting / Engineering, however a career-path change has been on my mind for a long time coming now.
Something I’ve been interested in for a while now is flying. Of course, flying in the back of a plane across the state is much different than flying in the cockpit on a much longer flight.
I’ve only ever flown (other than commercially) in a personal plane when I was very young and don’t know if I’d enjoy it as much as I foresee, because obviously you don’t know that type of thing until you do it.
I’d love to go into this career, but $90k is a lot to get into prior to having even flown on my own, which is of course also a prerequisite of the program and an absolute must.
My question is, I’ve searched around the forums a bit looking for the answer and haven’t quite seen it, how do you go about getting into an introductory flight? Is it set up through ATP or something you do on your own?
My grandfather used to fly, but no one in my family owns planes or helicopters. I can’t just go out and fly, and don’t know how to go about scheduling to do so myself.
Any resources for this type of thing?
Thank you all so much in advance!


ATP offers training flights:*R0NMLjE1ODE5ODU1MjMuQ2owS0NRaUFrS255QlJEd0FSSXNBTHR4ZTdndkFEVjJNM181eFIza3F4U1U2VFVHRzF4eW05OGgxaFdiczRFZXZfbnM0NWphZGhiMXBsUWFBdmw5RUFMd193Y0I.

As do most local flight schools.



Thank you! I knew I must be overlooking it somewhere and just came across it as well.

Thank you for your help!