Introductory flights in larger airplanes

I believe Cessna 172,152,… are very very different than large airplanes like A320,B737 or even CRJ-x
and you can check Adam’s comment here about single engine props :wink:

That been said, is there anyway for someone to get an introductory flight, or at least sit inside a cockpit of a larger airplane (while flying definitely) before starting any training ? because Cessna or any single engine propeller is not the kind of planes that we (potential pilots) are gonna fly for the rest of our career. smaller airplanes might give a wrong impression.


They ARE scary and require excellent skills. Many years ago pilots were allowed to invite folks up into the cockpit. Aside from the tragic loss of many lives another negative effect those radical religious extremists had on our industry is that NO ONE is allowed in our cockpits EVER. Now unless you’ve got tons of cash laying around doing nothing and can charter a BBJ or other large private jet I don’t see that happening. That said I couldn’t disagree with you more with your “wrong impression” statement. Modern commercial jets are comfortable, quiet and incredibly stable. I actually would feel better sitting next to someone with no experience in an Airbus than in a Cessna. The reality is you’re going to spend your first few years in a small GA aircraft. They can be uncomfortable, loud and terribly unstable but they are excellent teaching platforms and where you’ll learn you essential pilot skills. In Europe they do have programs that get you into jets almost immediately which some consider really cool. They also always require you to fly with senior Capt and check pilots and seldom let you actually takeoff and land because you simply don’t have the skills. Those pilots are basically paid assistants. There was one at the controls of the Air France A330 that killed over 200 people. They lost their instrumentation for 1min 5sec but because the pilot in control had no basic skills that was enough to turn a minor failure into a catastrophic event. Perhaps if that pilot wasn’t in such a hurry to fly BIG planes those people would still be here.



I’d rather put that money towards my training than chartering a jet. (cool option though).
I really feel sorry for people who lost their lives because of a human mistakes or terrible acts.
I hope that (our) industry returns back to where it was before, and better.

Thanks Adam.



The industry is really the best it has ever been right now. Pilots are making record wages and airline contracts are very mature.

Do your introductory flight in a small airplane, if you like that I can almost guarantor you that you will like flying the big iron as well.