I have an introverted side and am wondering if this will be okay? Maybe just forcing myself to not be is the key.


Pilots come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and personality styles. An introverted side will be just fine, I am a bit that way myself. I very rarely hang out with other pilots or the flight attendants on overnights and usually stick to myself. In the cockpit though, it is important to have enough of a dialog going to where you get to know the other guy a little bit. I am sure you will do just fine, I wouldn’t worry about it.



That’s hard to say. There are different levels of introversion. I too used
to be very introverted. As a pilot learning how to have PIC authority
didn’t come natural to me, but I learned. So, being introverted is not a
deal breaker, but you’ll definitely need to force yourself outside of your
comfort zone. There’s not much more I can say about it at this moment. It
just is what it is. Pilots need to be assertive when appropriate. Your
instructor will provide you with the tools necessary to ensure the
successful outcome of each flight.


Thank you both- I will work on being a good communicator and being a good pilot

I know and have flown with many introverted pilots. While it can make for a LONG and quiet flight, there’s really nothing wrong with it. As the others have said, as long as you can communicate well you’ll be fine.