iPad Mini

I have recently received the iPad mini as a gift from someone to help me during flight school when I start after high school sometime next year. The issue is that this Mini does not have cellular as a part of it. I was wondering if it would still work and if that was an issue if I could just use my hotspot on my phone to cover for it.

Thank you so much!!


If you have the opportunity to exchange the iPad, I would. The cellular is important because it gives allows GPS tracking even without a cell plan. See below for ATP’s requirement:


Ok, thank you so much!!


If you can’t swap it out, you could always post for sale on facebook marketplace, eBay, Craigslist and use the proceeds towards the cellular enabled version.


Are we required to go Apple?

Yes, ForeFlight is only available on IOS devices I believe. And that’s what ATP uses.



Here is what you are required to bring to training. I suggest getting used to Apple, the majority of airlines use the iPad.


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Regardless of your personal preference, the reality is most aviation apps were developed for iOS. Also, make sure you get the GPS enabled iPad. You don’t have to pay to activate it, but it needs to have the built in capability for GPS tracking.