IRA and FII done!

Just left Arlington with 2 more written tests completed and out of the way. IRA and FII done and killed them. So happy to have that behind me. Just started my CAX test prep and was very very happy to see only a bank of 700 questions. Half my last IRA study guide so I should be knocking out my last written before my June 19th start date.


That’s amazing, man! What test prep are you using?

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I am using the Sheppards Test prep provided to ATP students. I wasnt sure about it at first but it works. Havent even started class and three tests are complete.

That’s good! I just took my PPL written this morning and passed with a 90%! Sheppard Air was recommended to me through a friend, but I’m not so sure if I want to go with them. Do they provide videos as well? The instrument written seems intimidating so I want a solid prep ware to help me get ready.

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It just teaches you to pass the test. If you follow it exactly how they lay it out for you you will pass it no problem.

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Just out of curiosity, what are some average test scores from using them?


Did you use the Sheppard Air IRA and FII or just the IRA to take the FII. I just got the FII from Sheppard yesterday after completing the IRA test. It’s actually 300 questions fewer in the bank than IRA. I was misinformed and thought the FII had more questions in the bank. I haven’t started going through the FII study guide (Sheppard Air). Should I just take the FII test since I just finished the IRA or go through Sheppard Airs study guide? Congrats on getting those knocked out.


Using shepp my scores were 92,88,85,94,97,92. It works. But make sure you understand the questions you’re answering, not just the answer!


Thanks! I was thinking about going with Sporty’s since they use animation, but I wasn’t sure about it since it’s a pretty penny.



Congratulations! Keep up the good work!


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That is awesome, congratulations!

I personally like the John and Martha King video series, although the Sheppard Air course will prepare you fully. I find that the Kings present the material in a fun manner and really get the point across. Check eBay for a used one.



I believe that there are actually a few additional questions on the FII, but just a few.


Hey derrick, for your IRA written exam were there any surprise questions that you did not recognize? I plan on taking mine two weeks from today. Any feedback would be appreciated! Congrats.

Caleb I only studied for the IRA. I had access to the FII but never opened it. I took both back to back 1 pm and 3 pm. And the FII actually had 5 or ten of the exact same questions as the IRA! So just doing the IRA study guide you will pass the FII no problem

Congrats!!! Im working hard to knock all my written before my start date (7.17) What advice do you have for the private Private written?

Better question are you memorizing the answer or actually learning??

Memorizing. There are some things I am learning just from doing them. But from what I am told all the learning I will do will be in class with my instructor. I just want to get all the written knocked out so I can focus on flying and lead ing what I need for checkrides. And I have had no surprise questions

Ok I see! Yea I’m now focusing on memorization as I want to and need to complete my writtens by 7/17

follow the guide they give you and just find a nice quiet spot to study and you will do fine

To bad shepherd air isn’t provided for the private, as that’s what I’m stuck on now. I can’t wait to get over this small hurdle :frowning: lol


What in particular is holding you up? I don’t think you would find that Sheppard Air would be so helpful with the private test, Sporty’s offers a very solid test prep for this.