IRA and FII done!

Hey Chris,
As of right now its the weight and cross countries operations.


Keep trucking through them, it will click eventually.


Hopefully it will, currently im at the point where im just trying to memorize the answer sadly. Im getting stuck on estimated time enroute and the winds and everything, if that all makes sense lol.


Have you tried reaching out to an instructor for help? It might bw worth pay8ing for a few hours of time with a CFI to help you with this.


Thanks man. I’m getting 80’s on practice tests, so I have some work to do still. Were there any questions on your initial instrument written that we’re not in Sheppard air? I don’t want to tell myself that the questions will be as same as the study guide if that is not the case. Thanks again!

Hmm I never thought about that! I’m going to call ATP on Monday and see.

ATP will not be able to offer that as their instructors are reserved for those who are fully in the program. You would need to contact a local flight school in this case.

Ohh I see!!! Understandable, I’m just really trying to knock these all ot before July 17th! And I’m getting kinda of worried now :confused:

Caleb, I didnt have one single quetion on the IRA or the FII that I did not remember seeing on the Sheppard Study guide. I was fully prepared I feel like by the guide and had no surprises. made over 90 easy in less than 35 minutes

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That’s great man. I’m getting 85-88s right now on practice tests. Got two more weeks to study so I’m not too worried about it. Godspeed on the remainder of your training!

Did you sign up for 40hr or 100hr program?


Ok thanks. Can you help with how you got access to Sheppard air app?

You can download the app from the app store, but you’ll need to call them to get the course you’re looking for.

Thanks again