Is age only a number?

Good afternoon aviation family!

I just turned 28. Am I too old to pursue my dream of becoming an airline pilot? What do you recommend I do in order to get going ASAP? Thanks

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Don’t take this the wrong way. We want to help you, but you need to do some
homework first.

I encourage you to visit the FAQ section of the forum and read Adam’s post
on age.

In order for us to best answer your second question, we either need more
information about you or you need to be more specific. My best advice is to
actually spend some time on the forum. Type in some key words in the search
bar. Part of being a pilot is being resourceful. Might as well start now.
After you’ve tried to find answers to your questions, if you still need
further guidance, then get back to us.


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Thank you, Tory. I guess I’m not alone in this question.

Hell no, im 37 and im about to peruse this dream


Great, welcome to the forum. Let us know what questions you have.


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Thanks brother, you are my hero

“Hero” is a big word. All three of us were once exactly where you are now.

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