Is an international student eligible for loan

hello, please I will like to ask if an international student is eligible for loan and how can someone goes about it if loan is allowed for Intl student and what is the maximum amount… Thk u


I don’t believe loans are available until you establish some residency in the US. You have to understand student loans are unsecured and should you decide to just leave the bank really has no recourse. That said I’m no expert so I recommend you contact ATP admissions. ATP does have many International students so there may very well be programs I’m not aware of.


Thank you for your reply… Please how do I establish some residency in the US because I basically don’t havnt visited the US before. Thank you

It is not an easy process. First of all you have to receive an entry visa to get in to the US. Some flight schools offer student visas (I believe the international program that ATP offers does have a something of the sort, you’ll have to ask Christopher). After a certain amount of time and a few other requirements that you need to meet, you will be able to request a green card (that will grant you permanent residency). Then I believe after 5 years as a permanent resident, you are eligible for citizenship.
That is just off the top of my head, I’m sure there is more to it. But you will have to ask the pros to get more specific answers (US consulate in your country).