Is CFI/I included in the zero time program?

Just wondering if in the 9 month program, can I expect to earn my double lines? Or is that separate from the program? If separate, then what is the cost, both time and financially? And last thing, is a CFI/I required to fly for a regional airline? Thanks for always taking the time to answer our questions.



I’m going to assume by he title of your post you mean your double II (as in CFII)? In which case the answer is yes, the Airline Career Pilot Program includes all 3 CFIs (CFI, MEI and CFII). Regionals do not require a CFI nor a CFII (nor does any other flying job OTHER than Flight Instructor). That said since Flight Instructing is by far the most common means of building the required time to fly for a Regional it’s awfully handy to have.



Perfect, I want to instruct for ATP, one to get my hours, and two, because my whole life my father ingrained in me the concept that if you can’t teach it, then you didn’t learn it. Can I get all 3 at the Ogden, UT location, or will I need to go to a different location?

CFI training is only done in JAX or PHX. Also keep in mind that while you can request a specific location to instruct, ATP will not guarantee it. When you complete your training you’ll be given a list of available locations and hopefully one works for you. If not you of course have the option to get a position elsewhere.


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Noted, and thank you!

Adam can you elaborate on your comment

“CFI training is only done in JAX or PHX”

I am looking at Louisville and Tampa for myself and I was under the impression I will be getting CFI at either of those locations. As a matter of fact I thought CFI was part of the program.

I am sure it is a misunderstanding on my part.


Hi Jay,

Adam may be thinking of Standardization training, which is done in either Jacksonville or Phoenix. Standardization is about a week long and it is where we standardize our new instructors on how to teach our students.

CFI School is held in either Atlanta, Jacksonville, or Las Vegas, and it is only to complete your CFI Multi-Engine (also known as the CFI Initial). Your additional add-on checkrides (CFI SE and CFI-I) will be completed after CFI School.


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While I did get my locations confused (my bad) again you will not be doing your CFI training (which is included with the program) in either Louisville or Tampa. CFI training is only done at certain locations.


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Is it safe to assume its on the student to provide transportation to that location?


No because your assumption would be wrong. ATP will provide your transportation and I believe (?) your housing as well.


Yes. Housing is provided at CFI School.


With the recent change to a 50 hour program, is MEI still included?

Yes, the MEI is still included. The only change is the removal of the private multi, but of course you will still get your commercial multi and MEI.


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They also added time to the MEI checkride prep. Instead of 4 hours, you now get 15 during MEI training.