Is college worth it?

Hi everyone,
Right now I am about to finish my associate degree and am applying to S.F. state to obtain a bachelors degree. Right now I work at Delta Airlines as a baggage handler so I can get my foot in the door. I hear all this talk that the pilot shortage is going to make the airlines eliminate the college requirement. Is this true at all? Will a college degree increase my chances of getting with a major airline like Delta?


I don’t think that the college degree requirement will be going away anytime soon. There are simply so many pilots that do have degrees that there is no reason to eliminate the requirement. Even if it were to go away, having a degree would still put you ahead of those that do not.


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What degree is perfer


Any degree you’d like. Do I Need A College Degree To Be An Airline Pilot?


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If you visit Delta’s pilot recruiting pages, even for your Propel, internal employee program, it clearly states under the requirements “Graduate of a 4-year degree program from a college or university accredited by a US Dept of Education recognized accrediting organization”. They literally couldn’t be more clear.

Now if you want to spend $100,000, the next 2 years training, building time and then cross your fingers and wish upon a star that they drop the requirement that’s up to you but I’m a Capt at a Major airline and I can’t afford to gamble with that kind of money.


Fortunately what degree you get doesn’t matter, as long as you get one. Many pilots I know have advised against getting a degree related to aviation (in order to not “put all your eggs in one basket”). Currently I’m majoring in Latin-American Studies at a cheap university in Utah, because my fluency in Spanish lets me waive half of the classes and graduate in less than the normal time. Maybe you have skills that would allow you to finish a bachelor’s degree in an accelerated time-frame? Even if you don’t though, getting a degree before becoming a pilot is the smartest move.