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Is Flight School something to do alongside college, or instead of it?

I am curious as to how time consuming flight school is, and I’m wondering if flight school is something that must be done after college in case a degree is required, or if they could be done simultaneously


Traditional (ie, your local) flight schools aren’t particularly time consuming. You can go a couple of days a week at your convenience and after a year or 2 you’ll eventually earn your Private license which will allow you to take a friend for a $300 burger.

If however you’d like to be a professional pilot and fly for an airline or corporate you should train like the professionals train and that means full-time. The thing is flight training is difficult and training full-time means a full-time commitment so no you would not be able to do it in parallel with college. Its also recommended you do finish your education and get your degree as Major airlines want a 4yr degree and not having one could limit your potential.


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