Is it mine?

If I were to attend a flight school (college) and just wanted to get all 3 ratings and leave, can I?

So I really want to get a degree in something other than aviation as a safety net, but the school I want to go to in order to get all 3 Instructor ratings I need to Major in “Aviation BS”, and If I choose a different Major and only minor in “Professional Flight” then I won’t be able to receive any instruction ratings from the school. So my question is this. If I’m going to be transferring into the school with my PPL and Instrument can I declare my major as “Aviation BS”, and then after I work on my commercial and receive my 3 instruction ratings leave? Then go get that safety net degree I really want.

I know you guys obviously don’t work for the college, so I’m asking more from the FAA perspective. If I pass the FAA exams for my ratings they’re mine right? or can the school “withhold” I can’t think of a better word from me using them?

From an FAA perspective, this would be possible. From any other perspective though, this is not at all an efficient plan. If you want a degree in something other than aviation (which we recommend), why not just go to a regular flight school for your ratings and then attend college for the degree. You are going to spend a lot more money going to an aviation college and then changing majors. A lot more.


If you earn a rating it’s yours. Not sure exactly your plan but it sounds like you’re trying to “work” the college? If you’re getting the ratings through the school and it’s a Part 141 program I could see them not giving you a Phase check or training to prevent you from earning a rating you’re not entitled to within the program but any training or ratings you accomplish elsewhere are yours


Chris and Adam,

Thanks for your response. I guess my main concern is not receiving all 3 instruction ratings. As I was reading the past forums you guys recommended getting all 3 since it will look better when getting a job as a CFI. Adam as you stated in the past the getting into aviation on O’ahu is more competitive than on the mainland so I just want to assure that I will be able to find a instructor job back home.

Could I get my 3 instruction ratings at a local flight school, or is that only reserved for universities and ATP?


Any flight school will do. I wouldn’t not however worry about getting all 3 of you’re not planning on instructing as that really won’t do much as far as resume building if there’s no time to accompany it.



Any flight school should be able to help you get your three instructor ratings. You might find though that the smaller schools do not deal with this very often, whereas large schools do all the time.