Is it too late

Hello all. I have been flying charter/business for years in a king air 200. I just turned 40 and found out my job might be going away in October. It’s been the best gig ever. I am off most of the winter…family gets relocated to to the beach for the summers and make 100K. I have 4500 hrs (1700 in turbo prop) but no jet time. Am I too late in the game to join an airline and have a quality career? What am I looking at as starting pay as I have a wife, 6 year old and newborn on the way to consider. Freaking out but thankful for any insight anyone can offer!


While 40 isn’t young you’re certainly not too old for the airlines. You have some time but it’s all prop so you might not have a shot at a Major initially (but I’d definitely apply).

Anyway first year at a Regional is close to $60 (incl bonuses) but then drops to the upper $40s. At a Major its $80 then goes up from there.

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Nope. Not too old.



Not too old by any means, but expect to spend some time at the regionals and not go straight to a major.