Is it wise for me to take the FAA medical exam this summer?

I am a junior in high school, going to senior year. My future is planned. First I’ll go to community college and get my associates degree, after that I plan to attend ATP and go through the accelerated path. I plan to get my bachelors online while working for the regionals. I am aware that I will need to take the first class medical exam. Is it is a good idea to take the medical exam this summer to make sure I can become a pilot, or should I wait 2 more years? Also, is it even legal for people my age (17) to take a medical exam?


First there is no minimum age for an FAA Medical but since you can’t obtain your PPL until you’re 16 that’s usually the youngest most even try. As for whether it’s a good idea or not the question is do you think you might have any conditions health, vision or hearing wise that might be of concern? Most people don’t have a problem so if you’re not currently affected by any ailments, conditions or disabilities, not taking any prescription meds, have 20/20 vision (glasses/contacts are fine), aren’t colorblind, and have normal hearing I wouldn’t waste my time or money. If however you do then you might want to schedule an appointment and see how it might effect your application.



Unless you have any known medical issues, I would not bother to take the medication exam until you are ready to start flight training.