Is it worth signing up at 19?

So i’ve been extremely interested in this program for a while now and i have the simple question of if it’s worth for me to join yet. I’m 19 and almost done with my basic college classes, and i’m seeing people say that a bachelors is just less than required for major airlines. I’m confused with some of the requirements. My main goal is to work for United, and I saw they ATP has the United career path. By the time i finish up the hours and all , i’ll be 21 and old enough for the position, so should I start soon, or should I finish college first.

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We ALWAYS recommend college first. While it’s not required the Majors still prefer one. Further you want a back up should flying not work out by choice or circumstance.

Long short until you actually are a pilot, you really don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.



You say you’re almost done with your basic college classes, I’m assuming your general education credits, if so, how many total credits will you have completed? If you’re completing your associate degree, I would look into maybe attending one of ATP’s connection Universities to finish your bachelor’s degree after finishing out of ATP’s ACPP.

As Adam mentioned, a degree is not only preferred for the majors, but also a great tool in your toolbox to have if something flying related happens and you can’t fly for a period of time (or indefinitely). If you’re completing all required ATP minimum hours by 21, you will spend a few years at a regional before going to a major.

Have you looked at ATP’s information about United Aviate?