Is knowing three langueges good for a airline career?

Hello, i was wondering i know three langueges, English, Spanish, and French and i want to learn a fourth language. would that help me in my career when i aply for airlines? thank you!!!

Hello Jose and Welcome!

While I’m definitely envious of your impressive linguistic skills, other than being a really cool note in the “Other Skills and Talents” section of your resume, I’m afraid not. English and English alone is the official and more importantly REQUIRED language by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Most carriers will be more concerned with how well you speak English than what and how many other languages you speak.

That said most of the multiple language speakers I know are pretty popular with the flight attendants :wink:




If you want to work for a foreign carrier speaking another language would of course be beneficial. You would also need a completely different set of pilot licenses, but that is another discussion. For a US airline the only language you need to know is English. The official language of aviation is English, so knowing any other languages is not a benefit from a hiring perspective. That being said, if you know the language of a foreign country that you are flying to that will make you very valuable to the other crew members on the overnight and will certainly make your life easier.


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