Is SLC a More Senior Hub for Delta

Hello, all.

Hoping to get some input here on this. I am a student and trying to work my way through the decision on which regional to push towards after training. I am from Utah and love living here. I would like to eventually end up working for Delta since they have a hub in SLC. My question is if SLC is a more senior hub for Delta or not. Is it going to be 25 years before a slot opens up so I can actually domicile there?

SLC is senior for all airlines that have a hub here…SkyWest and Delta have long lines. Just like you, plenty of pilots like living here.

I’m hoping one of our Delta pilots on here can chime in about SLC as a hub, and give us an idea on a realistic timeline for being able to choose SLC as a domicile, etc.


I don’t think we have any current DAL pilots on here but base seniority can and does change and varies with equipment. Regardless as SLC is a senior base for many carriers you will probably be looking at a commute at some point in your career. It will also depend heavily on what’s more important to you, base or equipment, position etc. If it’s base then I’m certain it won’t take long to hold SLC but that will probably mean remaining narrow body and FO for longer than others if you want to stay there. It will really depend on your priorities.



These timeframes change, but I recommend browsing for answers.