Is the Additional Multi-Engine Worth It?

Hey Everyone! So, I just noticed that ATP has an option to do an additional 100 hour Multi-Engine Option. However, I also noticed that it’s an additional $18,000. I can’t help but feel like with the additional option being so expensive, it has to be beneficial. I guess I’m just wondering if the additional cost is truly necessary or beneficial? Will a major airline hire someone without this additional 100 hour option? Specifically going through the United Aviate program or the Envoy program? Thanks!

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The higher multi time program is beneficial to a very small group of people, in my opinion. For someone like yourself planning to go to a regional airline, there is no point in considering it. You will only need the minimum 25 hours of multi time to be hired. Additionally, you’ll be getting your MEI (assuming you don’t opt out of that) and will be able to build multi time that you are PAID for as an instructor. No reason to shell out your own money for it during training. Now if you wanted to skip the CFI route and look to a corporate or 135 job, it might be worth your while - but otherwise I wouldn’t even consider it.

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I believe part of the reason they brought back the 100 hour program is so that if you go through that one, you have the chance to become the MEI so unless you really want to be the MEI at an ATp location I don’t think it’s worth personally

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Thank you so much! Would you by chance have an email address you would be comfortable giving me? I would love to talk to another female, especially one that’s been through this particular program, about your journey, being an underrepresented demographic in the industry, and just your overall experience as a female pilot!

Absolutely! - also check out Lady Aviators on fb and insta. Non profit I started for women in aviation =)



If you are going ti stay and instruct at ATP, then there is no need to do the 100 hour program as you should get most of your multi engine time as an ATP instructor. If you plan on going back to a local school, you will find that most of them only fly single engine airplanes, so you could benefit from having had the time while a student.

By the time you apply to the majors, you will have plenty of multi engine time, most of it will be in a regional jet.


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