Is the ATP Flight School an Accredited school for available federal funding?

First, I would like to thank each of you for your valuable information that you have provided us in answering all of our questions. I am in the process of investigating the financial options to fund the schooling and targeting a date to enroll and get started!

My Fiancee is in financial aid and could probably answer these questions without batting an eye, but I’m trying to complete my research independently. My Fiancee has mentioned that in order to qualify for federal funding the institution would have to be an accredited school (honestly, my reaction to this was, “whatever that means?”). When it comes to the financing I have noticed that the 2 loan options located on the ATP website are both for privately funded loan. Are the federal funding options from the US Dept of Ed not available for ATP’s schooling? Mainly is the Pell Grant available for use on the flight training?

I have found grants for general and aviation education and I’m in the process of completing these packets, but I’m still interested in the federal funding options.



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There are two ways of accrediting flight schools, part 61 and part 141. Part 141 schools are sometimes eligible for federal financial aid, part 61 schools are not. ATP operates under part 61 as the requirements of part 141 are so extensive that it actually ends up costing the student more money in the end.

As such, ATP does not operate through the federal financing options and Pell grants are not available.

To really get your financing questions answered by the experts call the admissions counselors at ATP and speak with them. They will be able to speak on this topic with much more authority than I can.

Thanks for the compliments, it is nice to know that this website has been of value to you.