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Is their time for creative talent?

I make films and music will their be time if I am an airline pilot?

Unfortunately no James, pilots can be pilots and nothing else 24-7-365, if you’re not eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom you had better be doing some pilot stuff! :slight_smile:

I’m kidding of course. As much as we complain (and pilots LOVE to complain) you’ll actually have quite a bit of downtown (once you get to the airlines). The problem when you’re new is as a junior pilot you won’t have much control over your schedule which can make working a second job or career challenging (like practicing or gigging with a band). But if it’s things you can do “whenever” you’ll probably have more time than you can imagine. I can’t tell you how pilots travel with midi controllers (or guitars) and laptops loaded with ProTools, Garage Band etc who actually take advantage of the combination of down and alone time to be creative. Once you gain some seniority you’ll have even more at home.

When I was at Xjt we had a very senior CA who was actually an Academy Award winning lighting tech. He stayed at the Regional because it allowed him to follow both his passions.


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Thanks Adam that’s really interesting !

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden was also a commercial pilot.