Is there any hour limit for private pilot/ flight instructor?

So the closest airport with atp is about a 45 minutes drive but since my house are right next to an airport I am seriously considering buying or renting a aircraft. So just wondering if there is an hour limit for flight instructor/ private pilot so I can log all those hour along with my regular work/study. Thx in advance!


I’m sorry but I’m not really sure what you’re asking as far as an “hour limit”? Are you talking training per day? If so Flight Instructors cannot instruct more than 8hrs in any 24hr period. That said you would NEVER want to train that much in a single day. Most people find a 2hr block to be very taxing (maybe 3 max). Beyond that you’re really no longer learning.

If that’s not what you meant please clarify.



I think Jacob wants to buy a plane to fly to and from the ATP airport; instead of driving.


There is no hour limit that would prevent you flying to and from ATP, but if your plan is to fly to save time driving then that has some issues with it. By the time you get to your little airport, call Flight Service, preflight your airplane, taxi out and fly you will be looking at far more than 45 minutes.


Thank you Ryan, that makes sense (need to work on my comprehension).

As Chris said time wise I doubt there’d be any saving. More important you really couldn’t do it till you solo and then of course in fair weather. IFR weather, winds etc, there are many conditions where new pilots simply shouldn’t be up alone. Thinking you need to suck it up and drive.


Didn’t log in for two weeks, thx for the replies, and thank you for helping me explain Ryan. I know it would not save me anytime, but I just think if I going to drive anyway might as well try to build hours instead just drive my car there. Thx for all the infos, I will definitely think about it again!