Is there anything i can do to be proactive

I’m currently a sophomore(10th grade) at high school and i really have a passion for flying. Is there anything I can to do to be proative besides getting good grades in school?


As a HS sophomore I believe your below the min age for participation in the forum which is 16. That said study hard and do well in school. You could also look into your local Civil Air Patrol as they have some great programs.



My general advice for you would be to just read this forum and get your four year degree (or associates at a minimum) before starting training. We’ve given a plethora of suggestions about what to do proactively. If you search long enough, you’ll find enough suggestions to keep yourself busy.

When you get closer to starting flight training, the best thing you can do is take as many written tests as you can, but be careful: the results expire after 24 calendar months.