It's About That Time

Not really a question. It’s crazy how tomorrow is August, and how I’ll start my last semester to get my Associates Degree. Class will end in first week of December. After that I’ll be getting ready to move down to Concord (Charlotte location) for ATP. I honestly can’t wait to start ATP in January of next year. 19 now and will be when I start ATP. Shooting to be airline ready at 21 going on 22. That’s the goal and that’s what I’m going to stick to. Going to try and get done soon as possible, even if that means going to ATP 6 days a week to do stuff with my instructor. I’m determined and ready to roll.

That’s the right mentality to have, Marcus. Have you thought about getting
any of your written exams done before your start date?


I have, but where would I need to go to take them at? Also what books will I need to study from to get ready for it?

Thank you. I am waiting to apply for my student loan for ATP till after I get this personal loan paid off for, which should be in about 2 months. Would it just be better till then to start studying for ATP? What different types of written test is there that I can get knocked out before my start date?


Once you put your deposit down with ATP they will send you all of the material that you need to start studying. I personally would wait to start studying until then. Take the money that you would spend on books and test prep and apply it to your loan.

Written tests are only valid for 24 months, so you don’t want to take them too early.


Start with the Pirvate Pilot written (PAR). The link I shared with you has
instructions under “Preparing for Knowledge Tests.”

After the PAR, if you want to save some money, ATP will automatically
enroll you Sheppard Air’s test prep program for the rest of the writtens.


You can obtain the Study buddy App from sporty’s. It will help in your endeavor.