It's Official! We're getting 787's

Honestly I will not miss the stick! IF, I ever decide to go heavy again? (and that’s a BIG IF!)


That is really interesting, I hear it is a great airplane to fly.

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Good to see yall are expanding!

You know you want to switch over and fly that new plane. Once your off seat lock you can just got right back to the 717. Has there been any talks about what will replace the 717?


Most professional pilots don’t care one bit about which airplane they fly, it is all about the schedule and days off.


oh, I know. I was just giving Adam a hard time. We have been have a discussion about Hawaiian getting 787’s for a few months now, way back when it was a distant rumor.


It would be cool. I’m actually thinking I should bid it, get trained and then wash out of OE after a trip or 2 :wink:

There is nothing being manufactured by any company that can replace the mighty 717! Problem is no one knows the magic # when the wings fall off? I just hope I’m off that day!


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Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but on the same general topic a question for Adam… Wondering if there is any truth (that you know of) to the talk of “eventually” possibly replacing the 717’s with the CS100?


Last I heard on the subject was we would see how Delta does with them and see how they hold up. About a year ago they flew one out for our CEO to inspect. I believe he liked the design, it’s the durability that’s the question. That said we have a new CEO and he’s the guy who selected the 787s so who knows?


I’ll be curious to see what happens with that, I like the concept and numbers behind the C Series. Thanks Adam.