Its official!

I am now an ATP student after all these months! Ill be starting 7/17/17 at the Oakland Location!


Woohoo! First step Earv!

That is awesome! Please let us know how you do in the program and remember that we are always here to help along the way.


Great to hear Earv esp after the issues you were running into before. Keep us updated (When you can)

Thanks all! I just received my login info today and a lot of information I need to get down… I just don’t know where and how to start… Any suggestions?

Congratulations Earv! Say hello to Daniel (if he’s still instructing there).

Start out with the C172 supplement, work on memorizing v-speeds, familiarize with the aircraft systems, and try to understand the normal takeoff and landing procedures.

And obviously the written exams if you haven’t already knocked them out.


Great!! My welcome email stated I need to have the intro done two weeks before starting. But I’m not sure should I focus on the written first or the intro. Also how did you study for the written? I take the practice test at least once a day… But I’m still not reaching that 90% lol


You should focus on the introduction first, then the private pilot written. Use the Sheppard Air program to study for your writtens, it is the most efficient way.


Is that the study buddy? Or something else?

Hey Earv,

I just took the private written a couple weeks ago. I dont believe Sheppard Air has anything for the private, but you definitely want Sheppard for all the other writtens. I used Sportys Study Buddy and also an app called Prepware for private pilot. They both helped tremendously.



The study buddy is free on, and yes that is what Chris was referring to. I personally used Prepware by ASA to study for all the writtens except for the ATP (I used Sheppard air on that one), and they worked fine. They are much less expensive than Sheppard air.


I now have a start date of July 10 at the Concord Nc. location. Very excited but nervous as well! I will be going in with my private already, so I’m working on the intro to instruments as well as Shepherd Air studying course.


Congratulations! Get as many of those writtens complete as possible, you will be glad that you did. Thanks for the update.


I start in Tampa July 10th with credit for my private! It’ll be interesting to see any timeline differences at the two loacations!

Im sure you will have some better weather!! Looking forward to starting and getting the ball rolling!

Congrats Derrick!

Nervous is normal and good. Use that energy to keep working hard. Good weather is overrated when it comes to being a pilot. The more exposure the earlier in your training the better!


My training supplements came in today a long wit an ATP backpack!!! #EXCITED


Believe it or not, I still have my ATP backpack from when I started the program. For a long time I used it when I went hiking. Now it is my man-diaper bag. My, how times change :slight_smile:

Where did the backpack come from??? Jealous… haha

You didn’t get a backpack in the kit you got?