IWA Housing

Hey guys,

Had a question or two regarding the housing situation at IWA (San Montego), as I know Yarden attended school at that location. I got an email confirmation from housing yesterday confirming my check in/out date. The checkout date is right before CFI school, and I know housing accommodations will be provided in Vegas.

I guess I am curious where I will keep all my belongings when I head to CFI school. Am I going to need to bring them all up to Vegas, since the IWA housing has expired? Also, if I choose to instruct at IWA after CFI school, will I return to the same apartment? As a side note, it doesn’t really matter much to me, but is there anyway I’d know beforehand the guys I will be staying with?



Yes I’m pretty sure you’ll be moving out of IWA and you are expected to take your stuff with you. When I left HEF to go to ATL I did get to go home for a few days and lighten my load a little but remember, this is not permanent housing. As for when you instruct, remember, you may or may not get your choice of location. ATP will make every effort to get you to one of your top 3 choices but if it’s not available, then it’s not available. I suppose if the apt is vacant you’ll move back there, if it’s not you’ll get a different one.

Generally you’ll meet the guys (or gals) when you arrive. I suppose if you visited before hand you could meet them but I can’t imagine why it would matter? You’re there to train.


Thanks Adam,

In terms of housing, that is exactly what I was thinking. I have an Aunt who lives a half hour away that I will end up leaving stuff with.

As far as knowing who I will be staying with, it doesn’t really matter. I was just curious if I could start building those relationship with other students now. I 100% agree with the fact that this is a total work environment and there isn’t any time for the typical college partying/hanging out.

Something that just came to mind though is the fact that I enjoy working out 4-5 days a week, maybe about 1-2 hours at a time. It is a huge stress reliever to me. I would imagine that if I managed my time wisely, then continuing this pattern would still be realistic. Thanks again!

Hey Jonah,

I’ll just add on to this that you do not have to treat it as 100% work environment. There is no where on earth that requires you to be in the work environment for 6 months straight, and so is ATP. You will need to put in a LOT of time and effort to training but getting together with the other guys and gals at the apartment complex a few times a week to play volleyball or hang out at the pool is allowed and I definitely recommend it for your own sanity (flight training is fun but…). Also, there is a small fitness room at the complex that you can use at your leisure.

With regards to your first question, I personally did not have to vacate the apartment during CFI training in Vegas. I left for 2 weeks and came back right after to the same room to complete the CFI add-ons. The policy might have changed though…

Say hello to Josh (Klein) for me when you get there :slight_smile:



Will definitely say hey to Josh for you. We have had some communication already. Like I said, got my housing confirmation yesterday and am super pumped. Seems like a great apt complex in a really convenient part of town. Did you end up buying a PO box or just get mail sent to the training center?

The apartments should have an assigned box at the complex. I haven’t heard of anybody needing to pay for it yet.


Ok. I think the policy may have changed then. No biggie, as I can’t imagine it costing much.