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January ‘21 Schedule

Another busy month. My credits look light because my last trip finished in February. I really did about 84 credits for the “month.”

Had some fun at Newport Beach with my crew and finally had a chance to check out the climbing gym in Spokane. MAN I AM OUT OF SHAPE!

Had a good experience on flight 2360 on Jan 17, FMS 1 was having issues. On departure the FMS somehow got itself stuck in Approach Mode (210kias). For reference, we usually maintain 200kias until 2500’ MSL, and then accelerate to 250kias until 10,000’ MSL, 270kias above 10k and so on. At about 18k’, I noticed we were a tad :wink: bit slow. From there on out we managed the airplane’s speed manually (with auto throttles on) until the approach segment of the flight. Which was fine, but something still looked off to me and that’s when I realized that all of our performance calculations were off because they were based on that 210kias approach speed. So we made a few adjustments and arrived safely in GEG. It was a great experience for both of us, especially my FO as I believe he mentioned he had just over 500 hours. He was Pilot Flying and did a great job.

Lastly, I am also now volunteering for our Union on the Hotel Committee. Looking forward to my first hotel acquisition. I know that sounds lame but someone actually surveys the area for the “best” hotel to suit our needs. There are some hotels in our system that make you go