Jetblue gateway assissment test

Hi there,

I got an email saying that I have to take an assessment test for Jetblue’s gateway select program. Is there anyone here who has experience with taking this test and knows what materials I should specifically prepare for? Any materials/resources that would help me do well on this?


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Hey Anthony,

Looks likes we both did from what I can tell it’s basic stuff but also tests response time and multi tasking via some games. Very similar to American airlines assessment which I taken for their program just waiting to hear from them.

But yeah it’s just basic stuff nothing to study for but just be ready for questions like if you go 30mph for this long how far will you have went. If you burn this much gas on full throttle for this long after how long will you have 10 gals left. Etc

Look into an ATP as well I’m at a crossroad to see if I should go with an airlines program or ATP… Food for thought.