Job Opportunities - Military pilot, low hours

I am a 27 year old USAFA graduate and Air Force C-17 pilot with 652 total flight hours earned across the globe, in and out of combat zones. I also hold a Commercial Pilot license. I know I do not have many hours, but am I eligible to for the R-ATP? Additionally, are there any job opportunities for an individual with my experience?

I appreciate any insight y’all might have! Thank you!

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Hi Jennifer and welcome,

No you’re not eligible for your R-ATP! But you’re pretty darn close! :slight_smile: R-ATP for military pilots requires 750hrs. Yes there are many opportunities, most notably you could apply and be hired by a Regional as soon as you earn those 100 hrs. The Regionals are hiring like crazy. They’re offering hiring bonuses and first year pay has doubled in the last year. I suggest you build those 100 hrs and get crackin’.



I know Republic was offering to pay for your last 100hrs a few months ago. It might be worth reaching out to them.
Either way, once you get the 100hrs, you will be golden.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your response


Thank you! I will check out their website and see what I can find out. Maybe they will hire me :slight_smile: