Job Placement - Degree Earned


I am seriously considering ATP - I have wanted to be a pilot since I can remember.

No More excuses. My New Years resolution is determining if this is a career move of choice.

Here are my challenge questions:

If I choose ATP - and associate with Embry Riddle for their associates/bachelors online degree, what does a calendar look like for the year? Holidays, weekends… etc? I think that adding another degree is the way to go… do you encourage this or think this is just over-loading and too expensive? Does this assist with ROI after completion of flight training?

The residences provided… are they pet friendly, and are they shared bedrooms or apartment spaces? I can’t say that I am excited about the idea of a dorm like living situation, and thus would cause me to explore other options (adding to cost of room and board.)

I have a Masters Degree in business - does this in anyway help me with advancing in a career after flight school with the Majors?

Thanks all. Appreciate the open forum dialogue.

Hello Jordan,

I don’t know where you got this idea of needing another degree from. If you
have an MBA, you’re set. It is not required for you to obtain an additional
degree unless you really want to, but don’t do it while in flight training.
At least, wait until you’ve made it to a regional. To answer your question,
a degree is a degree. You could have picked anything. The majors just want
to see a 4 year degree so that they know that you’re teachable and follow
through on your commitments.

That said, I do not see any benefit of attending any aviation college vs
attending an accelerated flight training program, like ATP. Aviation
colleges are absurdly expensive and the end result is the same either way.
You’ll have the same ratings and hours (+/-). To an airline your
application would look identical. Just because one applicantion says “Embry
Riddle” it doesn’t give that applicant a better chance.

ATP’s program timeline can be found on their website. The program includes
weekends off and major holidays like Independence Day, Thanksgiving and
Christmas are recognized. Weekends off are not guaranteed. They are there
as a reward for those that are on schedule. They are also there for those
that need to catch up, want to get ahead, and for those that just need to

ATP Housing are all in upscale, fully furnished apartments. Each room can
accommodate dual occupancy, but that doesn’t mean that you will always have
a roommate. Housing is first come first serve.



Everything Tori has said is dead on. Just to supplement again you have a degree and that’s what the Majors desire. Additional degrees won’t help. Airlines need pilots. The degree is to demonstrate a level of teachibilty and maturity. If you want to put your MBA to use you can forgo the pilot training and apply to any Major’s corporate finance dept. While an MBA is definitely beneficial in the business world it won’t make you a better pilot nor pilot candidate.

Lastly ATP housing is NOT pet friendly. As Tori stated it’s dorm style and while you may be fortunate and not have to share you should assume you will and not assume any of your roomies are pet friendly. If that’s important to you then you’ll need to make your own arrangements. You should know the airlines aren’t pet friendly either.



ATP guarantees weekends off, but many students chose to train over them to accelerate their training programs. You will not be able attend college while in ATP, the demands of the program are just too much.

ATP’s residences are not pet friendly and are shared bedrooms.

A master’s degree is great. While it certainly won’t hurt, the majors are really just looking for any form of undergraduate degree.


Thank you all. This was very helpful.