Job shadowing

Is there any chance of doing this, I understand it hard because of security reasons?


It is not possible due to security reasons and what would undoubtedly be an astronomical demand. I can’t even bring my children into the cockpit in flight.



Since 9/11 impossible. You can’t even visit our crew lounge let alone the cockpit.


But after the flight it you talk to the flight attendant at the front and ask them politely if you can poke your head in, 9/10 they won’t mind from what I’ve noticed.

Yeah ive done this with delta since I find they usually stand by the door after each flight. Its a senior project and I thought i might ask, you never know

Hey, I just saw something on a site talking about being able to do a shadow through an airline intern program. I was wondering if there was any programs that have/do this where you become an intern and they issue you a company Id that allows you to do a shadow.


Do to security I don’t believe there are or can be any such programs for pilots.


United does have interns that are allowed to jumpseat, but they are juniors in aviation college programs and the positions are very competitive.