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July ‘19 Schedule with How To

I’ve decided to post my schedule in a different format this time because I think it gets the point across better. Hopefully enough people find this format to be more helpful by painting a better picture of the daily operation. I’ll do my best to explain how to read it. All times are LOCAL. All departure and arrival times are ACTUAL, not scheduled.

The first and last flight of the day will always include check in and check out times. For example, the flight on July 1 was the only flight that day. This is how it reads:
Flight 2259
18:05 check in
19:12 departure
20:12 arrival
20:27 check out

July 2 reads:
Flight 2879
06:55 check in
07:33 departure
08:29 arrival

Flight 2777
09:18 departure
11:45 arrival

And so on…

July was a huge milestone for me for multiple reasons. First, July 10 was my 6 month line check as captain. Passed with flying colors.

July 15 was my girlfriend’s (pay attention here) first flight aboard my plane.

She was on 2051 to SMF, where we spent time with family.

July 18-22 is a string of days off that’s broken up into standard off days and Golden Days (GL). Golden days are short notice vacation days. These days are important because my girlfriend (still paying attention?) and I flew a friend’s CE-172 into Friday Harbor for a 3-day kayaking trip around San Juan Island.

Our last night on the island we stayed aboard a sail boat in Friday Harbor where I (here it is) proposed!!!

The next morning we flew to Copalis Beach for engagement photos. Cool bit of info about Copalis…it is the only airport in the US with a sandy beach for a runway! So thankful to have discovered this spectacular place and actually pull off a fly in photo shoot.

For more info about July’s schedule, ask away. Thanks for reading.



OMG, that’s fantastic! Congratulations, Tory!! My best wishes to you both!

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You are in my neck of the woods for some of those! Im at the PAE location.

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Congrats, Tory! That’s big time!

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Fantastic. Congratulations on the month o’ milestones! Your posts on this forum are very much appreciated. Best wishes for continued success and happiness.

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Congratulations! That is so awesome! (And, I love the new format, that is really informative)

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Congratulations to you both, that’s great news!

And may I add, that is quite possibly the most badass idea for a photo shoot I’ve ever heard of! :sunglasses:

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Congrats Tory. Hope the best for you

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Congrats to both of you! Now the wedding preparations begin. :money_mouth_face:

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Congratulations on the engagement!

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Thank you all! I had a lot of fun planning the engagement. It worked out better than I imagined.


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Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations!

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Is time away what you are referring to as time away from home?

Very cool, and congratulations! I’m reassured seeing your schedule.

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Yes. Time away from base.


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Now as a married man I have to atleast be responsible and say DONT DO IT!!! lol

All kidding aside Congrats!



I really like the way the schedule is formatted for us. Very helpful and answers a lot of things I have always wondered. The days of the week is a nice perk.

Thank you for taking the time. I really appreciate it.

Edit: And Congratulations! Great pics.


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Hi Tory, I was curious about pre-covid pilot schedules and came across this older post. Since I’m coming from a M-F 9-5 world, these posts are really helpful to figure out what I may expect at a future regional airline. For this particular month, I noticed you posted “GL” on some days - is that type of leave part of your vacation time or separate? Also, I noticed on three days (7/11, 7/16, 7/30) it says either SMF or FCA, but there was no flying scheduled? Are these three days paid time off in those cities (but somehow separate from your “OFF” days)? Thanks and looks like you had some epic adventures that month!

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