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July ‘21 FMLA

Only two short trips for July, but figured I’d post this schedule anyway to talk about FMLA at the airlines.

But first, got the call from my wife when I was about to board my deadhead home from GEG that the doctors wanted to induce. Thankfully she was still in the waiting room by the time I arrived.

Long short, we have a happy and healthy baby boy and my wife is recovering like a boss.

Our son was born July 9, 2021 at 11:44pm - 6lbs 12oz. Here we are the following day in our recovery room.

I don’t want to drag this on too much longer, but I just want to say that we are both super stoked to be parents!

Now onto the FMLA part. Basically, it’s way more confusing than it needs to be, but I’ll try to cover the important stuff.

There are multiple types of leave that you can request. I don’t want to dig into all of them. What matters is that there are departments at every airline to help you decide which type or types (yes you can request more than one) to request.

Probably the most important part of requesting leave that everyone is most concerned about is pay. You have the option. Since we’re pilots with our own contract, leave is not paid by the state. If you choose to be paid, credits will be deducted from your banks. It is SO important to not waste your vacation or sick time. Save those credits as best as you can for when you will actually need them.

In my case, I live in Washington state. As a resident, I am eligible for up to 12 weeks of leave. However, I am not eligible for compensation from the state. As stated above, if I want a paycheck I have to pay myself with vacation, sick and STD credits. I forget how many weeks worth of credits I had available, but I had more than enough. I asked for 6 weeks of leave, but our son came early so 6 became 7. Anyway, there’s more I could say about leave, but that’s good enough. Ask for help if you’re not familiar, and save your credits if you want to be paid.

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Congrats Tory!! That’s awesome news!! Hoping you can get more sleep now than when flying the line!!

Enjoy the precious little one!!


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Congratulations on the little one! Hope you get some rest and can relax a little, enjoy the new addition to your family. Wishing all the best.


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Thanks everyone. The sleep is tough to come by for sure so Rebecca and I take shifts. That seems to be working (for now) :laughing:

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Congrats Tory!!

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Congrats Tory! Such a big month for you and your family! Glad to hear everyone is doing well (besides a little sleep deprived :))


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Jordan, Hannah, Thank you :pray:t3::blush: