July ‘22 Alaska FO Schedule

This is what my July reserve schedule looked like before trips assigned. This is a 0900-2300 reserve period. July was my 3rd month of reserve since OE.

This is what it looked like by the end of the month.

Came out to be 65 hrs of flying, 79 hrs of pay, 12 days off, 4 days of reserve with no assignment.


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0900-2300 reserve period? That sounds long… even if you don’t have to show up. :rofl:


14 hours plus 2 if assigned. So 14-16 hours depending. I live 30 minutes from SEA which helps tremendously. I wouldn’t want to ever commute to reserve. Our short call is a 2 hour callout. If I were a commuter I would have to commute in the day of or the day prior with the possibility of never being used.

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