July, 4th Start Date - KISP

After many years, I decided to join ATP over at KISP on Long Island, NY!

For those who are planning to start “later in life”, I turned 32 in March and I don’t think I am “too old” to start. It took a VERY long time to decide on moving forward with this school but in the end, I made the decision based on my pros/cons and my goals—becoming an airline pilot. Definitely looking forward to the new chapter in life.

Currently, I’m reading through the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, working on the orientation videos, and using the Sporty’s Study Buddy app for PAR practice. I may purchase the Kings School PPL course to supplement my learning. May be overkill?
(The FAQ, ‘So you want to knock out the written tests early? A Guide Vol. II,’ may need to be updated as Kings School is no longer included with ATP Flight School tuition).

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Great news on scheduling your start date. When you are flying around Long Island, on the north shore there are four distinctive smokestacks from a power plant, about halfway out. That is Northport Harbor, I lived very close to there as a kid.

Thank you for pointing out that we need to update that thread, I will do so now.

I am glad you are working on the writtens, that will be a huge advantage to you. Please continue to update us as you go through training.


Congrats, Washington!

You should be sufficiently prepared for your PPL with or without the King Schools PPL course. It wouldn’t hurt, but I don’t see it being a necessity.



Congrats on the start date at the Long Island location in July! I think your jump into the aviation world is not late at all, in fact I’ve seen students at my location start much later than you and are successful.

I don’t think you should have to purchase the King’s School Ground Course to supplement your learning. The PHAK, ATP’s resources and the Sporty’s Study Buddy App is a lot of opportunity already. After you get your PAR completed, I would recommend acquiring Sheppard Air and starting to study for the Instrument Rating Airplane (IRA) [you can pair it with the FII written] with their software. Having at least your PAR should be the goal right now, but since you have some time, I would highly recommend attempting another exam if possible.

Please let us know if there are any other questions that you may have. Would love to hear about your experiences are you enter the program and move forward with the journey.