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June ‘21 Schedule

54 hours of flight time
81 credits of pay

Fighting off a nasty virus (NOT COVID!) but man this one might as well be it’s crazy cousin. Otherwise it was a good month. Loads are full. Passengers are (mostly) still mask compliant. We’re all happy about Alaska’s announcement of their hiring window opening back up again. Means there will be lots of movement for us as well. Also, I just have to point out that I was able to get every weekend off this month. That’s pretty epic for a 2.5yr CA.

I almost forgot! @JLascomb and I bumped into each other in SNA! Wish I would have taken a picture to prove it, but got too caught up in the moment. So nice to finally meet you in person Jordan! :grin:



Yes! It was so good meeting you finally. That was an amazing coincidence - hope it happens again!



Hi Tory, what do the two “trip guarantee” dates mean? Thanks

Hi Ravi,

Trip Guarantee means when changes to a line holder’s trip are made the line holder will still receive no less than the original trip’s credit value. In both cases changes to my original trip were made. The dates actually do not mean that changes were made on those specific dates. The dates mean that changes were made to the trip that began on those dates. June 2 we were supposed to work the SEA-EUG flight. June 2 coincidentally was also Day 1. June 9, we were supposed to operate an earlier flight from AUS-LAX, but the aircraft that we were supposed to take didn’t make it into AUS the night before. So all three flights on June 9 were changed as a result.