June ‘22 Alaska FO Schedule

59 hours of flying
85 hours of pay
12 days off
3 days of reserve with no assignment
1 sick day

This month was my first introduction to red eye flying. Flying into the sunrise and sleeping during the day was a new one for me. Surprisingly, some pilots actually prefer these flights as a lot of them are efficient and high credit. I will most likely be seeing a lot more red eye flights until I gain the seniority to avoid them. Safe to say that I will not be bidding for them intentionally.

Really not too bad a month otherwise with only 59 hours of flight time. RDU, JFK and PIT were all new destinations.

I also did my first cargo flight as well. Now that was a neat experience! No uniform required. Just me and the captain, serving ourselves our own food and drinks. Aside from the cargo and self serve galley, it actually felt a lot like the crew cross country flights I did at ATP!


Is AC the aircrafts fin number?

Someone smarter than me could explain it better, but no. In this case, AC refers to the aircraft’s size and configuration.

I don’t know them all nor can I say with confidence that I know what any of them mean, but I’ll take a stab at it.

W is winglets
P is either performance or short field performance
M is Max
F is Freighter

Then, in most cases, the number in the beginning refers to 737-700, -800, or -900.

I never did receive an official breakdown of these abbreviations, but that is my best guess.


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