Junior in college, can I start over the summer?

Hi, I am currently a junior in college with one more year left. I am pretty sure that becoming a commercial pilot is the path for but with one more year of school, I am wondering if i could start now and finish once I graduate. Would this be a viable option? Could I get my private pilots license this summer and then continue from there the following summer after I graduate?


This is America and you can do as you like but it’s not recommended and you can’t do that with ATP. The reason is flight training skills are built one upon the last.

You’d be far better off finishing school then completing all your training continuously.



In theory you could get your private over the summer, but in actuality it would be a really tight schedule and might not happen, which will just mean that now your flight training is conflicting with your school work. I would recommend focusing on your school work and being ready to start flight training as soon as you graduate.


Can you start ATP with one year of college and one year of work experience?


The reason ATP wants 4yrs of college is because they want something demonstrable to show you can commit and accomplish a goal. A year here and then a year elsewhere actually proves the opposite.

If you don’t have the 2yrs you’ll need your PPL.