Real Answers from Real Pilots

Just randomly wondered

What is it like to fly as a passenger when you’re used to being the pilot? Is it nerve-wracking not to be in control? Similarly, is it strange to drive a car once you’ve flown a plane? I imagine driving would be boring in comparison.
I’ve seen jokes like, “How most people drive (in the lanes)… and how pilots drive (on the centre line of the road.)” Does this kind of thing ever actually happen?

Also, what to you think of Disney/Pixar’s “Up”?

  1. Relaxing unless the pilots look dumb.
  2. See #1
  3. No, completely different
  4. It’s not. Drivers are crazy and dangerous
  5. Not that I’ve ever seen.
  6. Made me cry



What Adam said, and if anything it’s made me a better driver because 1)
getting pulled over for something silly isn’t worth all the hard work I did
to get to this level and 2) my situational awareness has made me more aware
of potential threats on the road. Up made me cry too. And I love the